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The Small Hand and Dolly - Susan Hill I requested this from NetGalley based on two things:
1) The fact that I really enjoyed The Woman in Black by Susan Hill
2) That cover. So deliciously creepy.

And I really enjoyed these two stories, despite reading them in snippets and bite size pieces over the course of forever.

I loved the creeping foreboding feeling of these stories. I loved the way that the everyday life went on around these... phenomena, and that lent even more eeriness to it.

The second story was by far my favorite, though I really liked both of them. Dolly was just scarier to me, (I think if I had to name one irrational 'fear', it would be creepy dolls), and I loved it for that.

I also really liked the layered qualities of these stories. Honestly, neither story was what it seemed, and both involve the ghosts of our own lives - though sometimes we don't know it, or refuse to.

I think if I had any complaint, it's that Dolly's ending seemed off. Not in the ending itself, which was great, but just the abruptness of it. The story carried on past what could have been great endings, and then I expected it to carry on past further than it did. It took me by surprise when it ended, and not really in the best way. I wanted just a little more.

Very good novellas, and highly recommended, despite that, though.