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Cold Days (The Dresden Files, #14) - Jim Butcher 4.5 Stars


I cannot even...
That last 25 pages was like...

Apparently, among my circle of friends and Dresdenites, I am an odd duck, because as much as I liked Changes (and I did) I liked Ghost Story more. It just spoke to me. So after I finished Ghost Story, and was told "Oh, you... just wait for Cold Days!" I expected a story that spoke my language. One that was BAM! Right in the Hallmark Brand overactively emotional empathy gland.

But... then it wasn't. Cold Days, dare I say it... the beginning left me a little cold? Ba dum bum. Just a little... and really not for long. Because once things started happening, they fucking happened.

This is my first read through of the Dresden series. I say first, of course because there will be more read throughs of Dresden - duh. So, first time, I don't really think that I can have caught all the nuances of the series so far. I mean, things are coming together. They are, slowly but surely, starting to form a whole - but for much of the series I've been reading these as standalone character books with a chronological tie. Not really as they deserve to be read, which is as a single overall story. I have unintentionally done this despite knowing, academically, that they are a single story.

But no longer, because Cold Days has really driven the point home, and I get it. I get it. This isn't some series that just happens to share a character and a world among all of its books, a series that doesn't know when it should have ended, like some series I could name but won't because that series's main character is an idiotic mind-reading 3/16ths fairy fang-banger waitress and she already knows I'm talking about her...


*whispers* I think I hurt her feelings. Oops. ;)

Anyway... THIS series has substance. It has a point. It has a STORY! Things are starting to come together in this story, things that I care about, and that I want to experience and kinda half fear, because that's how GOOD stories make me feel.

Things. Are. Happening. And OH MY SHIT will things be happening in book 15, because that last 25 pages just flipped some shit. And it was great.

PS. I'm so glad that Jim Butcher writes fairies/faeries/fae in a way that makes them interesting and not irritating to read about. I think they've actually grown on me, from way back in Summer Knight when they first made an important plot appearance. I don't like reading about fairies/faeries/fae because too often they are just... boring. Butcher's fae are anything but, and their curveballs are wicked.

I can't wait for the next book.

Is it out yet? O_o