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Changes (Dresden Files, Book 12) - Jim Butcher

Yup. That about sums it up. Holy craptoid this book was intense. I know that I said that I found Turn Coat to be predictable, but Changes was anything but. It started off with a Whopper and then added jalapenos and Sriracha and some pickled habaneros and holy shit is this going to be regrettable later. I never knew where this was going to go next, and each time another explosive ingredient was added, my intestines clenched.

And on top of that, this book was surprisingly emotional as well. EVERYTHING changes and many things are lost for good. Harry makes choices that I was sure NOTHING would ever cause him to make, and rather than losing respect for him for these choices, I have even more because after 11 prior books and several short stories, it's perfectly clear how dire things would need to be in Harry's view in order to lead to that point. And for him, it was. And it was heartbreaking.

I had no trouble at all accepting Harry's reaction to the bomb that was dropped on him regarding Maggie. Though I did think that anyone else would have been there for the wrong (selfish) reasons, but not Harry. He went from zero to Super-Dad in 0.006 seconds. And it made sense. In the very first Dresden story, the short that comes before Storm Front even, we see him go to the wall for a little girl he doesn't know who has no ties to him in any way, so of course for family he'd go through the wall and demolish the house and the ground it's sitting on if necessary. Whatever he needs to do.

And though my intestines were clenched, I loved and dreaded every minute of it.

I really liked the Red Court/Maya correlation, and I think it makes perfect sense. That's probably what really happened.

Yes. So. Changes. Wow. Awesomeness, and I can't wait to see where it goes from here.