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Click-Clack the Rattlebag - Neil Gaiman I love Neil Gaiman.

I heard about this story about an hour ago, and it being NEIL GAIMAN, whom I love (refer back to sentence 1), I downloaded it. It doesn't even matter what it's about. It's NEIL. And narrated by Neil. *swoon*

Checking my ipod after I downloaded, I see that this story is actually only 12 minutes long. 10 minutes, if you don't count the author's introduction regarding All Hallow's Read, and requesting that people download this book (which is free on Audible.com through Halloween) to benefit educational charities via DonorsChoose.org. Do it. It's 15 minutes out of your life, you'll have done good in the world, and get a fun little story out of it. Download here: http://www.audible.com/pd/ref=sr_1_1?asin=B009VHTR5C&qid=1351271153&sr=1-1

Anywho, so, I admit that I was a little disappointed that this was so short, but after listening to it, I don't think it could have been longer. It was just perfect, with a nice little twist ending, and did I mention that Neil Gaiman narrates? Because he does.

I just love the way he reads, and how he brings every character to life, even when none of them have a name, or history, or more than 10 minutes to work with. It's downright scary how brilliant Neil Gaiman is.

So, yes. I really enjoyed this one, and I definitely recommend it for the story itself, but even more for the cause.