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In the Tall Grass - Stephen King Cuh-reeeeeepy!

I do love me some Stephen King and Joe Hill... and writing together? Awesomeness.

This was a great little story. Intense and nerve-wracking, and surreal and all too realistic - at least to me. Being lost in vast fields of grass or corn would be terrifying. You think you're walking out, but only pushing deeper into the field. And then you panic and disorientate yourself and things just get worse...

This story reminded me a little of quite a few other King stories, from The Lawnmower Man to Children of the Corn, to N, to The Tommyknockers, to The Stand... and specifically of My Father's Mask from Joe Hill, with his special brand of un- and surreality making things quite interesting.

I liked it. Yes indeed. I shall now carry a weed-whacker with me wherever I go. :D