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Legion - Brandon Sanderson I scooped this one up quicker than lightning when I heard it was available for free on Audible. I love me some BSands. And this story did not disappoint, though it wasn't at all what I expected.

In fact, the first little while of the story reminded me a lot of a Joe Hill story. I love both authors, and both are men I'd gladly leg-hump in a flicker of a heartbeat were I to run into either of them on the street... or in a bar... or in their kitchens.

But I digress.

I love both authors, but they have very different styles. Yet the beginning of this story felt like the opening lines of a Joe Hill story, and that was exciting to me. Joe Hill takes the everyday world and turns it on its head and then shows us the fantastical in the everyday. You never know just where he's going to take a story, but getting there is so worth it.

And that's pretty much exactly what BSands did here. Well, what he does all the time, only this was a real-world setting rather than a fantasy-world one. Which is why it reminded me of Hill. But, I think I said that.

I absolutely LOVED the concept of this story, and the way that it was different than one would expect. I loved the way that the Aspects and Leeds... interacted. I loved the theory behind his particular division of mind, and the ways in which it benefited him. It was fascinating, and I would not at all mind a novel length story based around this character, err, I mean these characters.

I also really loved the concept of the mission that Monica brings to Leeds, and the ramifications that could arise because of it. (I'm trying to be vague here, if you hadn't noticed. It's kinda hard. LOL I want to go all rambly raving leg-hump, but I will restrain myself.)

Finally, I loved, once again, the way that Sanderson ties religion, or rather faith, into his stories. It's kind of a big deal for me to say that, being of an atheist-leaning agnostic persuasion. I just really like the way that Sanderson gets to the heart of a matter, and lets the story be, without leaning on it with his own opinions, even though we're able to see what his opinions are. He's a believer, clearly, and his stories deal with that - but never in the way I'd predict, and never in a way that feels preachy. And I appreciate and respect that.

Fantastic little story, and I highly recommend the audio.