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The Ghost Child - Simeon Stoychev Christmas 2011, I was offered a free copy of The Ghost Child by Simeon... I downloaded it, and there it sat on my sadly neglected Kindle app ever since. Too many books, too little time.

Cut to today, with my Goodreads 2012 reading goal sitting at 14 books behind (booo!), and so I go in search of short books that I can read quickly. And I stumble once again on The Ghost Child.

And my, I'm glad that I did.

I can think of a few words to describe this story:
Too Short

OK, I know that last one is two words, but I couldn't think of another way to say it. This is only part of what I hope is to be a larger story, and I wanted more. I kept watching the progress bar inch to the right, indicating less and less story, and felt that it was too soon for that. I have too many questions, and I need more story to provide the answers to them. The "To Be Continued" gives me hope though.

In a way, I liked that we're not given very much to go on. It's mysterious, ethereal. We just follow along moment to moment, and gradually these moments come together into a narrative. There are gaps, and we fill them in and they work with the story.

The fantasy aspects of the story were... I don't want to say mundane, but kind of presented in an everyday way. More like magical realism than fantasy, perhaps? The fantasy bits, the abilities and the nature of them, aren't explained, or even detailed. They just are. And I liked that, mostly. Though, there were some bits that I had to read a few times to truly "get", and some I'm still not sure I really got. But, this is 30 pages of a story that could be epic, so I don't know if understanding is even possible at this point.

I loved the writing, and the language, and the kind of soft-spoken strength of Marise. I loved the innocence and otherness of Magz. Overall, I really loved this story, and would love to read the full story at some point.

Full disclosure: Simeon is one of my Goodreads friends, and I quite like him and respect his opinions and reviews. He has not asked me for a positive review of this story, nor does his being my friend affect my reactions to the book at all. I genuinely enjoyed it for the story itself.