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Warning: Contains Languagestories And Poems From Angels & Visitations - Neil Gaiman Really, you would think that I would stop this by now. I've read more than enough of Neil's work to know that his stories aren't just for kids. But still... And even despite the effing TITLE OF THIS COLLECTION.. I uttered a little gasp when Neil said "fuck".

And I'll admit. It was a little sexy, too.


OK... fine. A lot sexy.

Anyway, I don't know why I have this thing in my head regarding Neil... Most of the books I've read of his have been for adults. I mean, I like his kids stories, yes, but it's not like I think he should stick to writing for younger audiences. I LOVE his adult themed stuff. I don't know why this surprise on my part persists and I keep finding myself surprised when he says words like "penis" and terms like "getting laid" and such. It's actually kinda annoying, really. Stupid brain, having like... thoughts of its own. BAH!

Errr... so... Moving on. If you haven't guessed by now, this collection is definitely for adults. There's a good bit of humor, but a majority of these stories are quite dark. "Nicholas Was...", "Babycakes", "Cold Colours", "The White Road" and "Troll Bridge" were all very dark. I like. :D

"Babycakes" was actually very, very disturbing, and I think that makes it my favorite of the bunch, despite it's short length. It's one of those stories that just makes you go "What the FUCK?!" I listened to it twice, back to back. So disturbing and scary in its plausibility.

"Nicholas Was..." was also very short and dark, and I found myself wanting more of this story. Especially since it seemed kind of tied into the "American Gods" world. "Cold Colours" seemed like this as well, actually.

All in all, I really enjoyed these stories, and the mythological flair that Neil brings wherever he goes. His reading was fantastic as always. I would highly recommend these stories... Just don't be shocked when Neil drops the F-bomb like I was. ;)