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Go the Fuck to Sleep - Adam Mansbach, Ricardo Cortés First, thank you StumbleUpon, for taking me to this site, and allowing me to experience the audio reading of this book, with accompanying video of the illustrations. It was awesome.

I think if I had read this on my own... 3 stars maybe. It was cute, kinda witty, but nothing spectacular. But I gave this 5 stars. And called it 'awesome'.

Why? Four words: Samuel L. Motherfucking Jackson.

That's right. Samuel L. Motherfucking Jackson. And for all 6 minutes of this audio, I was enthralled, laughing and empathizing. I think that Mr. Motherfucking Jackson added so much to this experience, that I think that the book should be sold with a CD of this, so that parents can push play, Mr. Motherfucking Jackson can read to the kids, and mom and dad can have some alone time.

BET those kids stay the fuck in bed, too. O_O

But honestly, the reading was spectacular. I know, I know... It's a 6 minute long reading of a for-adults-at-kids'-bed-time story, but Mr. Motherfucking Jackson MADE this reading. You can hear him losing his patience, mentally counting to 5, or 10, or 100 maybe, so that he keeps from putting the kid to sleep the violent way. You can hear his desperation, sleep deprivation, pleading need for a rest... just 5 minutes without "Mommy can I..." or "Daddy I need..."s. You can feel his dread that this will continue, every night, forever, and that he will lose it, and that he will snap, and CPS will be called and his life will be ruined, and all because little Mr. Motherfucking Jackson Jr wouldn't Go The Fuck To Sleep.