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The Dark Tower, Volume 5: Battle of Jericho Hill - Peter David, Stephen King, Richard Ianove, Jae Lee, Robin Furth Yet another great edition of this graphic novel series. This one is the origin, the start of the official "Dark Tower" quest, wherein Roland sets the goal and he and his ka-tet go about trying to attain it.

They don't even come close, of course. Nine years later, they've come right back around to where they started - but this only serves to reaffirm the quest, because shit's all fucked up, and it needs to get un-fucked up... and only the Tower can do that.

The artwork is still hit or miss for me. There are parts that have a Berenstain bears feel - the scraggly claws and faces and scruff just remind me of that, strongly. Some drawings more than others, but it is there. But there are also really great pieces here, and some of them capture Roland and his ka-tet perfectly. I just wish they were more consistent. Aside from the hair, sometimes it's REALLY hard to determine who is who when the drawing of a character changes from page to page, and especially when they are half hidden by shadow in the first place.

But, overall, this is one of my favorites of the series for story alone. It hits all the points that I love about Roland's quest, and does it very well in short form.