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Dark Tower: The Gunslinger: The Little Sisters of Eluria - Robin Furth, Peter David, Richard Isanove, Luke Ross I enjoy this story for what it is - a little addendum to the Dark Tower series. This adaptation is well done, and I really like the artwork. I like the fact that, this volume at least, seems to have moved away from the jagged, sketchy type art that the previous ones have had. Looking at Roland's face in this volume wasn't looking at a nest of skintone and shadow - I could actually see his features.

One thing that kind of bothered me was the doctors. If I recall correctly, and I may not be (it's been a while), but the doctors are supposed to be beetles, large ones. In this, they look more like crickets, or locusts.. Not that there's anything wrong with changing things up... but I guess that means that more changes will coming in later volumes. If they continue on that long.

I digress. Good story, good adaptation. Goodness me, look at the time!