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Ur - Holter Graham, Stephen King While I was listening to this one, I said to a friend on Google Chat, "You know... it's crazy how much Stephen King affects me.
I'm listening to this audio book and I have a knot in my stomach out of nervousness." This about sums up what I love about Stephen King. Even in his shortest stories, he is able to take me out of my world and transplant me into the one he's created. He's able to make me not only know his characters, but care about them and root for them and worry for their well-being.

I wish that this was something that more authors understood. It's not enough to tell me a story if I don't like or don't understand the characters in it. It's not enough to craft a complicated or ingenious plot if I can't identify with the people in the story enough to put myself in their place. I have never had an issue with identifying with a King character. I may not like them, but I don't have to like them, because, like real people, they have a life of their own and do with it what they will. What they do is organic and true to their characters, and isn't shaped by King into something fake to fit the storyline.

I don't mean to harp on like this, but it always amazes me how much I fall in love with King's characters -- especially after I've read other books where the characters are flat, lifeless things that just move from scene to scene doing whatever the storyline requires without a personality or free will of their own. Alright... harping to stop..... Now.

I loved the concept of this book, and it thrilled me to no end seeing the King universe tied into the story. The connection didn't feel as unplanned as some of his other books do, more like he sought to write a book that tied in the Dark Tower series with a story about a Kindle, but even so it was pretty cool. I loved the concept of what the UR edition Kindle could do. I would absolutely be searching out more of King's works... I would have to cover the Kindle in plastic to avoid ruining it by drool, but still... I would be in heaven.

If you haven't read this one, I recommend it. It's a short read, the audio is great, and it's a mind-trip, like most of the DT stuff is. :)