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Nerd Do Well - Simon Pegg Yeah... so, this was pretty much awesome.

I really love Simon Pegg's brand of humor, and I spent a pretty large portion of this book giggling a little too loudly and a little too long. It was actually a little awkward, and there was a moment while listening to this in line at the store (needed kitty litter) that people started to stare. To the other people in line, I was just some crazy lady holding a 30lb bag of cat litter in her arms and giggling maniacally. They had no way of knowing that I was listening to Simon being punked by Canterbury about his obvious and shameful lack of Shawshank Redemption knowledge, despite his claims to the contrary. I mean "Who the fuck is Red?" is fucking genius, and yeah, pet store line people, I'm gonna laugh at that. I'm sorry if it creeps you out because you can't see that I have headphones in... But I'm sorrier that you weren't listening to this geniusness, too.

There's just something about the way that Pegg relates his memories that just tickles me funny-bone, but it's the "fictional" part of this book that really had me cracking up. The interplay between Super Suave Sex Genius Simon Pegg and his sidekick android Canterbury was fantastic. Comedic brilliance.

I really enjoyed learning about the events in Simon's life that led him to be where he is today, and I admit to a little jealousy at all of the adolescent wishes that he has been able to fulfill. Meeting Leia? Acting in a favorite movie franchise? Working with some of the greatest directors in the world? Being able to work doing something that he clearly loves and is amazing at, and with his best friends beside him? Yeah, I'm a little jealous. But truly I'm happy for him, because his good luck (or excellent subconscious choices) has led to many, many people being able to share in his brilliance and awesomeness.

I love the philosophical concept Simon calls the "Laws of Quantum Attraction", which seems to be the driving force behind the myriad ways that his life has progressed along the path that led him to where he is now. This, in particular, really stood out for me:
"We might not know we are seeking out the people who best enrich our lives, but somewhere on a deep, subconscious level we absolutely are. Whether that bond is temporary or permanent, whether it succeeds or fails, fate is simply a conflagration of choices that combine with others to shape the relationships that surround us. We cannot choose our family but we can choose our friends, and we do, sometimes before we have even met them."

Just brilliant. This truly resonates with me, given certain events that have shaped my life and led me to where, and who, I am today.

Anyway, this is a great book. If you have any interest in Simon Pegg, or even just humor, I suggest you read this.

And now, I think I'm going to go watch Shaun of the Dead... again.