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Wheatgrass Juice - Gift of Nature - My boyfriend foisted this book on me recommended this book, as he has recently become very, very interested in organic foods, and has begun our own little (really, really little) garden, in which he is growing tomatoes, corn, lettuce, and wheatgrass.

The book is interesting, but I feel that it could have been better. It gave a lot of semi-repetitive assertions about the benefits of wheatgrass, but didn't offer much in the way of evidence to support it. However, this did serve a good purpose, which is to instigate my own research into the benefits of wheatgrass.

If it can really do some of the things that were stated in this pamphlet, then I will certainly give it a try. I've done shots of many a rough liquor in my life, and I doubt that a shot or two of wheatgrass in the morning could be much worse, and might possibly be a heck of a lot better... Of course then there's the whole "Hippy Vegan" stigma that surrounds wheatgrass, no doubt fueled by the McBillionaires of the world who want us to be fat, lazy, slobs counting the minutes between big macs.

But I'm not exactly one to let a stigma or stereotype prevent me from trying something new. Sorry. Better up the mind-control drugs in the water supply... again. ;)