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Year of Wonders - Geraldine Brooks This was a very interesting book. I really enjoy historical fiction. I love to read about how people lived before the invention of the internet, or the car, or the cotton gin, or whatever the case may be.

This was a short book, at just over 300 pages, but it didn't feel short. The characters were well-developed, the pacing of the story was just right, and it kept me entertained from start to finish. I really enjoyed seeing how the people in the village reacted to the deaths all around them. It's hard for me to imagine now, in our age of scientific advances, but at one time, people thought that disease was the wrath of God, or the work of the Devil, or at the very least, the work of the servants of the Devil, meaning witches.

I definitely liked Anna. She was intelligent, courageous and strong-willed and willing to do the right thing even when it's the difficult thing. She never backed down from a challenge, and I liked that about her. The only thing that struck me as out of place was some of the words that Anna used, namely "piss" and "shit". I don't know, back in 1665/66 they may have used those words, I wasn't there to know, but they just seemed inappropriate to me coming out of 18 year old Anna's mouth, so to speak.

I was a little taken aback by the ending. I fully expected it to end differently, but I was happy that Anna was content in where she ends up in life, so that is enough for me.