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Dissolution  - C.J. Sansom Really, this book deserves 1 star. But I'm in a little bit of a generous mood, and annoyed as I am with this book, I'll bump it up to 2.

I had expected a LOT more than this book actually delivered, and I have to say that I freakin' HATE being able to guess the whodunnit. This book was EXTREMELY predictable, and in a mystery, that's not a good thing.

Add to that that I didn't care about the main character, at all, and none of the secondary characters were fleshed out enough to care about them (probably because the main character was so damn self-centered and Cromwell centered that he only took a passing notice in order to tell us about them), I just didn't really care what happened. It finally got to a point where I had to finish it just to see if I was right. I should have just read the last two pages. Damn it.

Perhaps part of my reason for bumping this up to two stars is the blatant way that the reformation was portrayed as horrible and evil and immoral. I'm of the opinion that people should be able to believe and practice their religion in any old way it strikes their fancy as long as I am not affected by it. Yet King Henry VIII isn't. He created his own religion because he WANTED AN ANNULMENT!!! *stomps foot* He's portrayed as incredibly insecure and egomaniacal, surrounding himself with fawning bootlickers who keep one eye on the the weathervane of his favor, never knowing if he might suddenly decide that he doesn't like the color they're wearing that day and then OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!

Gah. Sometimes I really hate people. Really, you have to make an entire COUNTRY live in fear so you can get an annulment and stroke your ego? Pfft.

This book just annoyed me on lots of levels. I'm tired of thinking about it, so I think I'm going to read something good now.