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Othello - Sylvan Barnet, Alvin B. Kernan, William Shakespeare I enjoy Shakespeare, but sometimes I really wonder at him. Of course, he was a genius, but I don't really feel like this was his best work. If it had been filled in a little, and was a bit more fleshed out, it would have been much better in my opinion.

Basic story (And there will be plot spoilers here), love-struck Othello is manipulated by Iago into believing that his freshly-minted bride is cheating on him with his friend. Othello then hires said manipulator to off said friend (now ex-friend) and takes it upon himself to off his wife (soon to be late wife).

So, yeah, good plot. Been done before a time or two, but still good. My problem is with Othello's insecurity and Iago's motive. Othello, yeah, I get that. He's newly married, not yet sure of himself in his new role, especially since his bride went against her father for him and apparently Othello is no stranger to the "Once a traitor, always a traitor" mentality. But to be goaded into murder on the word of one person, with no further proof than that, especially when Othello is supposedly such a highly regarded and fair leader, seems strange to me. Shakespeare did love his gullible characters it seems.

On to Iago's motive for all his manipulation leading to so many needless deaths... Uhh... Umm... I think someone must have ripped those pages out of my copy because I never saw one. I just saw that Iago hated Othello, but not WHY he hated him. I guess that'll just be one of life's little mysteries.